About The Brow Bible

What is The Brow Bible?

We are the UK’s first and only Microblading & Permanent Makeup dedicated database of artists & trainers and a source of unbiased and impartial information on the treatments at hand. Save yourself from trawling the internet, here you can find out what to expect from such a treatment, what you should consider a “red flag” when considering a technician or a trainer, experienced artist testimonies from inside the industry, and much, much more.


Why should you use The Brow Bible?

As a client looking for a treatment –
Whilst the government ignores the need for regulation due to the cosmetic (non medical) nature of these treatments, but we believe that each person should receive the highest of standard of work from a person with skill, raw talent, experience, morals, and integrity.

These treatments are more often than not on your face, and should be considered permanent before choosing to go ahead. We think it is so incredibly important to feel happy in your skin, and to feel pleased with any treatment you receive, especially if it is going to be there for quite some time. We know how hard it is to find someone who we can trust, what should you be looking for? What are the risks? What’s the worst that can happen? All to often people are receiving sub standard results because the person they trusted were using stock images, because their friend suggested and they didn’t know any different, because they could fit them in that week, or for many other reasons, ultimately leaving them unhappy with their appearance.

Everyone deserves to feel good in their skin, so we are here to try and eliminate these events, by providing helpful information, tips and advice, along with a catalogue of artists, some of which have been personally Approved by our panel of industry insiders.

As an artist or trainer within the industry –

You now have the opportunity to be a part of something positive for your industry, to help raise standards, to set the bar, and encourage others to do the same. Or alternately, to be a part of something where you can aspire to others, see their work and understand how they got to where they are and how you could get there, too.

You can be easily found within the search feature as a member, allowing your potential clients to consider you for their treatments or training in the minefield that is the internet, and to get your name out there.


How can I find an Artist or a Trainer?

Our search function has some useful filters to help you find the right artist or trainer for you. These are narrowed down by what type of PMU they offer, or what type of training, respectively.

You can find them locally on the map once you have entered your postcode, or if distance isn’t an issue, you can search by Approved Only artists or trainers to find the very best across the UK.

What is an Approved member?

In order to be Approved by The Brow Bible, each artist or trainer must prove their:

– Education, showing their continued development, and length of service – Rome wasn’t built in a day, experience goes a long way.

– License, with their local council. Without this, any insurance claim would be void.

– Insurance, it is not illegal to work without insurance, but you as a client are not protected without it.

And most importantly, their talent and skills within their chosen craft. Permanent makeup is first and foremost an art form. Anyone can choose to go down the permanent makeup route, but not all have this artistry and a precise eye to deliver beautiful results.

Please visit the “Our Standards” page for more information.

Find An Approved Artist / Trainer


What do I do if I’ve had a bad experience?

Even the very best artists have bad days, sadly this will always be the case as with any treatment which is not a science but an art, however some mistakes have much greater consequences than others.

Deep scarring, unbearable pain with harrowing memories, permanent blue/black unsightly results, incorrect placement, oversized or incredibly uneven are all too common when it comes to complaints.

Another common complaint is colour. Permanent makeup has been around in the UK for over 20 years, and until recently, pigment manufacturers have promised – and failed – to deliver long lasting and true results, leaving clients with unsightly colours in their brows, and this is often not the fault of the technician. Due to the non-permanent nature of the pigments, the particles are smaller than those of tattoo inks, however some particles were made a slightly larger size, taking longer to fade. Often these can be neutralised or removed. Please speak with an experienced artist or removal specialist to help with this – there will be a solution!

We are in the process of putting together a formal complaints procedure to help those who have been let down. Until then, we recommend speaking with the person to resolve the issue or contacting your local authority.