Our Standards

It can be a very daunting and confusing process when looking for an artist or a trainer in this industry. As a total newbie, how are you supposed to know what is good and what is bad? How can you tell, not being an expert yourself? Don’t they all look the same?

Here at The Brow Bible we aim to take some of this stress away by highlighting the very best within the industry, so at the very least, if you do not choose one of our Approved artists or trainers, you at least know what to look for.

What is an Approved Artist?
All of the Brow Bible Approved artists across our website and social media have proven that they are the best of the best. We have only a select number of Approved artists/trainers, and if we were to receive a complaint about one of these approved artists/trainers we would aim to investigate this in order to keep our standards at their highest.

All of our Approved Artists have proven to us they are:
– Insured (public liability also preferred)

– Licensed (with their local council proving that their working environment is safe and fit for purpose)

– Skilled (through the quality of their work. A pile of certificates sadly does not make someone good at an artistic discipline)

What is an Approved Trainer?
All of the Brow Bible Approved trainers across our website have proven that they are amongst the very best in terms of places to learn a new permanent makeup skill, technique, or to train absolute beginners to feel confident and competent in their new chosen line of work. Sadly there are a lof of training companies and individual trainers who lack skill and integrity. Some insurance companies will allow people to train others with no minimum requirements (they could be a total beginner themselves). In one of the highest growing industries in the world right now, there’s no wonder so many are cashing in on these opportunities, unfortunately a lot of these delegates then seek further training from the likes of our Approved trainers in order to feel confident and ready to work on real life people.

All of our Approved Trainers have proven to us they are:
– Experienced (at least 2 years within their chosen field before beginning to train others)

– Skilled (our approved artists have seen it all and know how to answer real questions and offer true advice to their trainees)

– Actively working on clients (without being hands on, they could be losing touch with their methods and new techniques)

– All of the above (they must possess the aforementioned prerequisites of an Approved Artist; insurance, licence)

We hope that you find what you are looking for at The Brow Bible, we endeavour to keep checking the industry for new members, and alternately we take complaints very seriously and will be forced to remove any members who do not meet our standards any more.