Removal Options

In an ideal world everyone offering permanent makeup treatments would have been trained to a very high standard, they would be a true artist creating the perfect look for all of their clients, using the finest equipment and pigments, and nothing would ever go wrong. Sadly this is not the case, and any good permanent makeup artist will tell you that they are asked weekly, if not daily, how to remove the unsightly brows they were given in years past.

Thankfully, and unbeknown to many who live with this for many years in the hope that it will eventually fade away, you do not have to live with said unsightly permanent makeup any longer.

The two most popular choices are laser tattoo removal, and saline solution (or saline alternatives).

What are they?
Laser tattoo removal is the removal technique commonly used to remove unwanted body tattoos, the laser breaks up the ink particles under the skin via a beam which penetrates through the dermis, and the lymphatic system then slowly removes the ink over time. Several sessions are typically needed for full removal as the laser continues to break down the particles for ingestion.

Saline (or LiFt, PhiRemoval, etc) involves penetrating the skin similarly to how the pigment was placed there in the first place, either with a permanent makeup machine or a microblade, creating a channel in the skin for the removal solution to reach the pigment where it can break it down. Again, several sessions are typically needed for full removal.

Which method is best for me?
It is always best to check on a case by case basis with a removal specialist, however more often than not, laser tattoo removal with a good quality laser machine will always win. The reasons being the treatment time is around 15 minutes with laser, as opposed to 60+ minutes with saline. A good quality laser tattoo machine will leave little to no scabbing, whereas with saline the scab is often large and very dark due to the presence of blood during the treatment. The skin remains virtually unscathed with a good quality laser in comparison to the trauma of opening the skin with a needle and implanting a solution therefore healing times are faster with laser with less chance of scarring.

We strongly recommend, as with finding a permanent makeup artist, that you thoroughly research your removal specialist. Cheap lasers will cause bleeding and scarring, and an expensive laser operated by an unskilled technician will likely do the same. We have some removal specialists which we have chosen to list on The Brow Bible, you can find these in the Artist search bar, select “removal” in the filters.